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2013-11-21 DHM gets small business big business exposure!
DHM is offering small businesses the opportunity to compete with their larger competitors with very reasonable rates. Get top quality online presence management for a fraction of what large fancy firms charge. We keep our overhead low and manage our business the way you manage yours.

2012-10-25 Get your small business found online!
DHM announces online marketing programs for small business starting at $100.00 p/mo!

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Turn Key Social Media Service

DHM LLC creates a comprehensive social media campaign for each of its clients. This campaign will consist of popular sites such as: Facebook Business, Blogger, Twitter, Slide Share, You Tube and many more. Social media must be maintained in order for it to be useful to your business. We have a turn key system that allows us to maintain your social media on a weekly basis and keep your pages fresh and current. We will post industry specific information and can post anything that you send us weekly. Pics, press release or anything that is going on in your office that is news worthy.

We know you do not have time to maintain these sites and that is why we created this system. These social media outlets are here to stay and the earlier you get your business linked up with them the better. Social media is changing the way businesses communicate with their clients forever.

Please watch the video below for some staggering statistics on social media and its effect on the business world.