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2013-11-21 DHM gets small business big business exposure!
DHM is offering small businesses the opportunity to compete with their larger competitors with very reasonable rates. Get top quality online presence management for a fraction of what large fancy firms charge. We keep our overhead low and manage our business the way you manage yours.

2012-10-25 Get your small business found online!
DHM announces online marketing programs for small business starting at $100.00 p/mo!

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Pay Per Click Management

DHM LLC designs and builds a custom ppc campaign for each client. This campaign is optimized to use the lowest budget possible by maximizing exposure on keywords that generate leads and clients.

You will never get pressure from DHM to increase your ppc budget because we do not resell clicks. We will make recommendations based on our expertise in ppc management but the budget is under your control.

PPC is normally very useful for emergency need type prospects. Internet prospects we like to call "researchers" are much more likely to use free search. Immediate need "buyers" many times will call you directly from your ppc ads. We need and want both types of prospects and ppc is an important tool for the quick action "immediate need" internet searcher.

We do utilize Google exclusively for our clients ppc campaigns. Google covers 90% of the ppc world with its vast network of sites. The other two stand alone search engines Bing and Yahoo have not proven to provide our clients with a strong enough ROI. Our SEO efforts do cover all search engines and so we utilize Bing and Yahoo for free results.

A snippet of search results on our model site: Top paid ad, 2 organic ranks, and 2 map ranks. 5 exposures on one hit!